Ahhhh fashion!!! Feeling so inspired this month, already processing some thoughts for future fashion illustration projects and editorials. Can't wait to share all my ideas, but in the meantime follow my Pinterest board of all my favourite Spring Summer 2016 looks!!

So many awesome things happened during London Fashion Week including meeting David Downton (read all about it here), we also met Kristina Bazan and the K team, I gave her a portrait I've done of her, she was so happy she shared our moment on her Snapchat. The whole team was just lovely.

Also Rodik and I have come to the realisation that we are not street style photographers! The whole time we were shooting street style just felt inauthentic. I mean of course street style is inspiring, fashion is all about inspiring others and getting inspired but running around trying to snap someone who was already photographed by 100s of other photographers just didn't feel quiet right. So on day 2 we stopped and stayed home to watch all our favourite shows online, felt way more productive! :)

Below I just thought to share some of my looks!